Work Samples


*Please note that names and contact information have been changed in some cases to protect the privacy of our clients.

Success Story #1- Rosemary

Goals: Like many of our clients, Rosemary approached us in desperation. She was quickly approaching graduation and needed a resume revamp to use when applying for jobs.

Our Customized Approach: The positions Rosemary was interested in varied. Therefore, our aim was to highlight her impressive achievements during her college career and her cross-functional skills, giving her a solid template to work from when tailoring her resume for each position.

The final result:

After- Rosemary

Results: Due to our help, Rosemary was able to Snatch her career, landing a position with the University of Maryland that she is truly excited about!

Success Story #2- Jane

Goals: “I need to work on it soon. I’m applying for jobs this week, preferably tomorrow!” Jane, a recent college graduate, was down to the wire and needed to find a job fast. She had a focused and realistic career objective, which made squeezing her in for same-day service an easy process.

Our customized approach: Jane’s resume was outdated and needed a formatting refresh that was more pleasant to the eye. Therefore, our strategy was to highlight activities that were specific to her objectives and give her resume a new layout. Her LinkedIn profile also needed a lot of work, so we also worked on building and improving her profile to an advanced level and discussed ways to attain a solid network.


Before- Tayde (Anonymous)


After- Tayde (Anonymous)

Results: Jane interviewed for three positions in her desired field. She now works as a dental assistant in a geographic area she loves (with the best compensation of the three, I might add)!